Sunday, November 19, 2006

One week... week until I go and visit the states. I already will see how I will miss the people here. I love them so much. I am so thankful that God has called me here. We met for church this morning at my house. We have been going through the book of James and were finishing up chapter two this week. It was very good. Professing faith with out the outward evidence of it is dead faith. We talked about how when we are born again we desire to please God and that is a way that the people around us will see a difference in us. Reana, my next dorr neighbor that comes explained how when Josh Bromer was stil here she could see Christ through him, and how then she knew we were true christians. It was such a good time of fellowship and worship. We have seven regular namibians attending church at my house. God has already begun to bless us. I also just had an amazing night with my family from the wood carvers bible study. We have been studying almost all year the book of Matthew and have come to the end. So to end out the book and our study really of Jesus We met together on thursday night. We got together and read John 13 and then went in and washed each others feet which was the first time for many of them to have done. We then sat down took communion and then ate a meal together. After that we watched the passion of the Christ movie. It was such a special night. i know it impacted them greatly. I explained that the whole purpose of the night was to simply remeber Jesus. It is all about Him! I will not forget that night,and I don't think they will either.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

here it is....

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The Hairy Hairdresser!

There is a spider here that we have been calling a hairy hairdresser. This is all my fears of spiders wrapped up into one spider. It is fast, it can grow to massive sizes, it jumps, and it tares it's prey apart with a set of massive jaws. In short...I don't sleep much!!!! Ha ha ha....These things are so scary. I have included a picture of it here....enjoy!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


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So this is my first blog post!!!......dun dun dun. I wish I had some really amazing thing to write...but I don't right now. Fortunatly tomorrow is a new day and there just may be something to write about. Well I hope your experiance on my first post has been an enjoyable one and hope to see you tune again soon....ha ha ha...I am a bit of a dork.....