Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Long time....

Dear friends,

       It has been a long time since we have posted an update here.  Please forgive us for this long delay!!  I will just write a quick update on here and then hopefully get back to regularly updating on this weekly.

       First, how have we been doing as a family?  This past month has been a busy one for us.  Grace is doing well, and talking a lot now!  She is getting so cute!  I write that with a worried face knowing that she controls me :).  Liam is doing well also.  We took him to the pediatrician last week and she said he is looking good.  He is also sleeping a lot better, so Julia and I are also looking better.. :).  Julia and I are doing well.  It was her birthday yesterday the 6th, and it was a joy pampering her all day.  I am reminded of just how much of a blessing she is in my life.  This past month has been a little challenging being that her mom has been in the hospital almost a month now.  We would really appreciate your prayers for her as she is still in the hospital.  Julia and are doing great!  We are learning how to balance the two kids and everything else.  Last week I cracks a couple ribs playing squash.  So I have been a little slower since then.

     Ministry continues to go well, with challenges from time to time.  This past month the colleges have been on holiday so are weeks have been a bit different.  My time was spent meeting with members of the church and getting more one on one time with some of the students.  I am hoping to meet regularly with two young men.  I will meet again with them this friday.  I have attended the first couple meetings of campus crusade at poly as they are back in session.  It was a real joy to see many of the students again.  I will also be starting up the tennis ministry again once my ribs have healed.  I have had a few opportunities to lead the bible study at the church which has gone really well.  I will be leading again this sunday as well as the midweek bible study tomorrow.  Please be in prayer for the church.  The church is looking towards the end of the year where they will need to make some decisions one concerning the church.  Our hope is still to see the church grow and Glorify God.

     Well, as I said I was wanting to keep this short, but we want to thank all those that are praying for us and supporting us.  May God bless you!