Thursday, November 25, 2010

Grace Ministerial Academy!!!

So I wanted to give a brief update on the ministerial college we will be starting next year. As you can see from the heading of this post..we have come up with a name...Grace Ministerial Academy. Again this is intended to train and equip men for pastoral ministry. We are using a model from a ministerial college in Zambia. The courses are lecture based in module form. This is where lecturers come in and in a intense week the students would receive 30 lectures or two full courses. Then the student would have 3 months to turn in the assignments for those courses. The best part is that while doing this, each student is required to be in a mentorship with a local pastor. I love this model, being that it does not take the students out of the local church but makes the training a part of a healthy internship for pastors in training. Each course comes with many books to read as well as tests. Also, because of the fact it is not accredited, we are able to bring this training to those that would otherwise not be able to afford seminary. The curriculum is comparable to most seminaries. We are very excited about this opportunity. We will start out by having two modules next year, one in April and the other in August. I will be both attending this college and working as a coordinator of it. Our brothers in Zambia are really helping us out alot with this first year. I will be working on brochures so to give more info on the college to hopefully attract more students. We currently have 8 students that would be attending, and hopefully more. Please be in prayer for this new ministry. Especially be in prayer that God would bring good men who He has called to pastoral ministry.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

21 November 2010-Baptisms

Well, This past sunday was a great sunday! As you will see from the pictures below, I had the privilege of baptizing three men and one woman. These were those that have been attending the baptism/membership class I have been teaching for most of this year. That has really been my greatest joy with this group. I have seen as they have gone through this class, that they love the Lord and truly desire to follow Him with there lives. The whole service went well. I started by teaching on baptism, as there were many visitors who came to see there family members get baptized, but didn't understand it. It went well. Pastor laban preached then after we did the baptisms. Then after the service we all came together and remembered Jesus as we took the Lords Supper. It was a Joyful time! I will try to explain each picture below.

(Picture 1). This mans name is Daniel. He was saved earlier this year and came to the church seeking to be discipled. We asked him if he had been baptized and he replied that he hadn't. So he started to attend the class.

(Picture 2). This young mans name is Juan Domingo. He originally came from the angolan refugee camp in Osire where there is a mission church being planted. Juan has been such a joy to disciple over this year. He is just finishing his grade 11 in school, but already very interested in being involved in ministry. I am hoping to continue to work with him going forward.

(Picture 3). This young lady is Arminda Domingo. She is Juan's sister. During the coarse of the class I have seen good growth in her and hope to see much more next year as well.

(Picture 4). This picture is of the group before they were baptized. They stood in front of the church and shared there testimonies. It is always such a wonderful time when we hear testimonies before baptism isn't it!

(Picture 5). This mans name is Nicodemus. He is actually apart of one of the mission churches here in Windhoek called Havanah Baptist church. It is in a outlying area here. He will be going there and start to be more active in ministry there.

(Picture 6). Here is a picture of half of the room while I was baptizing. The church has been growing and things continue to go well.

Please continue to pray for these that were baptized. Most of them are the only born again believer in there families. Please pray that they continue to learn through God's Word. I also just want to thank those that support us here. These pictures serve as a testimony to what you have helped make possible. For those that continue to pray for us here...Thank you!! Prayer is so important. To those that are giving regularly to us...Thank you!! You have made so much possible by supporting me and my family. I Julia and Grace also are so thankful!

Please continue to pray for our support! We are not anywhere close to where we need to be. And we need to be going to the North next month to both see family and so I can preach at a church there over new years with Laban. Please contact me if you would be willing to support us monetarily. My email address is: Until next time!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

A time of Worship!

I wanted to write everyone with the story of how the time with the woodcarvers went. Probably many of you saw the pictures we just posted.

After talking with a few of them we learned that each of them were really struggling with food. So when the money that some gave came in, we went to a bulk store and bought some food for each of them so to help them in this time. So, on friday we went into Okahandja and met with them. The time with them was so sweet. When I asked them to meet us at the MPMC(multi purpose ministry center) They did not know what we had for them. So we came in and sat down as you could see from the pictures and started to talk. I explained how there was some funds that came in to help them through this hard time. I explained how each of them would receive one of the stacks of food. You could see already how thankful they were. Then we gave each of them a small amount of money for other things at home such as perishable things being we had only bought non-perishables. We then explained that we had an amount for each of them to help restart there shops. Just before I told them this I had asked if any of them were able to get anything yet...they replied no. Some of them had even stopped even going to the market, being that there was nothing. They were so thankful!! I explained that this was the Lord providing! Many of them expressed how they were not able to buy food and that was hard with there children. I then talked with them about how we had another portion of money to help some others in the market. I explained that this was given not for us to go out and give, but for them to help others and to maybe be a witness to them. They really loved the idea and we will hopefully be meeting up with them again next week to talk about how we can do that specifically.

After we talked for a while and for most of it except for when i asked questions they stayed pretty quite. Sylvia at one point just said over and over, "I don't have words!". So we did what we all were feling like doing...Prayed! I put the heading of this post as "A time of Worship", and that is exactly what this time was. We didn't cry out "oh how great are the people who gave" but we prayed and cried to our Father, giving HIm all the Glory. This was a precious time in which not one there had a dry eye. We sat there together thanking our Lord and Saviour in many tears. We took turns praying and then I closed. It's hard for me to explain what that time was like. The best is just to say it was a time of Worship and brokenness! There were some that confessed there fears and lack of trust, and others that just cried through there prayers. It was a precious time!!!

Please continue to pray that God would open doors with those in that market. That we would have wisdom in reaching out to the others at the market. And that God would receive all the Glory!


Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yesterday after Keano's school we went to Okahandja to meet up with the wood carvers. Here are a few pictures from our meeting and we'll blog later about everything else.

Thank you all!


Sylvia, Innocentia, Sarafina and her husband Marko and Tiago

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today we spoke with Sylvia and Tiago. Sylvia said she is pretty much just is staying at home because she doesn't have anything to sell and has very little food at home to eat. Trusting God to provide for their day to day needs. We will be going to Okahandja on friday to give them the money that came in at least than they can buy a few things to start their businesses up again. There is a store here in Windhoek where you can buy things in bulk cheaper so we went ahead and bought them some food (maize meal, paste, rice, cooking oil, laundry detergent, etc). We bought these things in bulk because we can get them cheaper here and save some money for them to use on their stock. We will only be able to go to Okahandja on friday after keano's out of school. Tomorrow we are pretty busy and will only be free on friday. We honestly want to go in tomorrow and give them all this stuff but we can't :(. Praise the Lord for what He has provided and continues to provide. Pray that the woodcarvers will be able to start their businesses up with what they all will receive on friday. Also they will each receive a set amount to give to two of their friends each who is most in need of help. So helping 8 other woodcarvers in total. We want them to be the ones to do this that way they can reach out to each other. So in all you have have been able to help them set up there businesses again, help with much needed food, and reaching out to others also in the market.

Thank you for helping our dear brother and sisters in Christ in this way (finances and prayers).

In Christ,


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ministry update/woodcarvers/needs/support...and I guess anything else. : )

Well, I hope you enjoyed the last post from my wife. It gives a little idea of some of what we deal with almost every day. These last couple weeks have been pretty busy.

Ministry Update

The Saturday before last we had the opportunity to spend some time with the young adult group from the church. They needed someone with a truck who could transport them to a park where they were going to have a fun day. So...being that we now have a truck we were pleased to help. The day was a wonderful day!!! Both Julia and I really enjoyed spending time with them and it was a great chance to get to know many better.

During the week has stayed pretty much the same. We have had to cut back the time spent at the church though. This had to be done because of not having the money for petrol...which I will explain in a bit.

Sunday has continued to be great. This past sunday I taught on I Cor. 9:24-10:13. Paul showed the Corinthians through the bad examples of Israel that they ought to be obedient. It went well. I Really believe this book has been alot of help to the church this year, and we are eager to see what the Lord will teach us as we go on.

The house to house ministry continues to go well. We have had some challenges the last few weeks with having a home to meet in. Many of our members have been either sick or out of town. So the last two weeks we have been meeting at the church building on Monday. I have continued to teach through the book of Ephesians, and this week have finished chapter 3. Honestly, it is much better to meet at one of our houses rather than there. We lose a sense of family by coming there. Please pray that we would be able to go to a house next week.

As we continue to look to next year we are looking forward most to the start of this ministerial college that I mentioned in a earlier post. We will start up with four courses next year and go from there. As I think I mentioned before, I will be a student and a coordinator of it. Please pray for wisdom as we prepare and seek out young men to attend.


I wanted to give a update on the woodcarvers. Really not to much has changed. Except that we have now received all the money that was given, so we will be going to the woodcarvers this week. We had a bit of a delay in getting the money being that Laban was out of town on Mission up north. But we have received it now. I spoke with Tiago this morning, one of the woodcarvers that lost his shop, and he said that really nothing had been done. Really the issue is with the local gov. I had mentioned in a earlier post that there was a company willing to come and re-build the market even better. They came and made up the plans and when they took it to the mayer and regional councilor to have approved...they refused! Since then they have not been helped. So the money that has been given is needed now more than ever. It will help with rebuilding and getting some more stock of goods. Please continue to pray for them and for who we also will help.


As I had promised some time ago, we will begin to post some of our needs on a more regular basis. This month has been and continues to be a challenging month. Our support is usually around $1400USD per month. Which usually works out to about N$10,000 namibian. This month we only received $825USD. So needless to say we are really struggling. To give you an idea the amount that came in only covered our rent and medical insurance. Thats it! So...with that said, I would ask that anyone reading this would consider giving extra this month. Or if you are not a regular monthly supporter and would like to help us out this month with a one time gift or would like to be a monthly supporter, then please email me at For those that would like to help this month, because we are right now not having anything, time is a factor. The fastest way to give is directly to our Chase bank account, which I will give the information to those that email. I am not sure why the support was so low this month. I have not received a report on the giving from Apex for a few months now. Please pray about what you can give!

I want to say thank you to those that have been faithfully giving. Although our funding is low we are so thankful for what has been given! You all are our partners and dear friends. Everyday I work with the people here I am reminded of those that support us to make it possible. Thank you! We continue to trust the Lord to provide and supply every need. I know people may say this all the time, and to us it is sincere being that we are totally dependent on Him anyways! May God show you the joy and goodness of complete dependency on He is showing us! May God bless!


Monday, November 08, 2010

Hello everyone :), It surely has been ages since I (Julia) has blogged. So bare with me......alot has happened and is happening. Most of which makes me wish I can express myself in my anger. But than again that may not be so good. I find myself wanting to quit and given up on things. Sometimes it can be as small as a nasty comment made by a stranger just because i'm carrying a "white" baby. Recently we went to a garage (gas station) and a young lady at the teller asked me in oshiwambo "how come you a black lady has a "white" baby? I want one too. I silenced for a while and the guy next to her also working as a teller answered...."oh don't you know that nowadays people ONLY want to open their legs to white men. I was so shocked by the guys answer i left the store and back to the car and told Buddy what had happened. Long story short we decided to just go and let it be. Few days later I spoke to a friend who knows the owner so she went and told him what happened to her friend (me) and they called us in to identify the he gave them written warnings. Things like those get me so upset that I just leave and don't say much just because i'm afraid of saying something in anger and later regretting about it and the person is no-where for me to find them and apologize, my conscience will tare me apart. It also serves me as a reminder that we live in a sinful world and people like that will always be around and its up to us (Buddy and myself) to protect our child/ren. I know we don't want our kid/s to grow hearing comments like that, we know they will but for now its time for us to continue preparing ourselves.
I love my husband and i will not let it hurt my marriage just because of things like those :). Thats it for now....till next time its bye bye for now.