Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hello friends,

Well it has been a while since I wrote on this.  First I wanted to just give a quick family update.  Liam is doing great!  He is growing and doing very well.  Julia is doing better also.  She is slowly recovering and we are looking forward to the 6 week check up to see how everything is.  Liam continues to be a bit of a night baby...meaning he keeps us up at night, but sleeps well during the day.  This past Sunday Grace turned two years old.  On saturday we were able to have a small birthday party for her which she loved.

She blew her candles out all by herself


Opening presents!

       This week has been a little busier with ministry.  On Monday I had the opportunity to preach at a morning assembly at Academia High School.  I spoke on the importance of the Word of God.  It went well and the principal gave me an invitation to come back any time.  They have assemblies every monday and the principal expressed the importance of starting the week with the Word.  Very cool opportunity!
       I will be preaching at the church this coming sunday as Laban is traveling.  I will preach on chapter 14 of Acts.  I am looking forward to it.

       This past sunday I was asked to baptize three new members of the church.  It was a joy to see these young men and woman make a public confession of Christ as there Savior and Lord!!

       Please be praying for the students in the college campuses as many are taking exams and traveling home for the holiday.  We look forward to continuing ministry in the next semester.

Giving testimonies to the church