Friday, May 25, 2012

William Joel Bahun!!!!

Dear friends,

      Yesterday at 10:49am William Joel Bahun was born in Windhoek,
Namibia(africa).  He weighed 3.25kg(7.16lb) and was 51cm(20in) long.
Julia did very well and was very brave.  Both her and baby Liam(thats
what we will call him) are doing well.  We are praising the Lord for
His Grace in this pregnancy and birth.  Please continue to pray for
Julia as she recovers. 

Here are some pictures...Enjoy!

Mamma meeting Liam!


Grace Kissing her brother!!
William Joel Bahun

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

this week....

Well hello again,

           I wanted to give another quick update and share with you all some prayer requests we have.  Again I will try to keep it short and sweet.

          This week has been good.  I taught again in the family bible hour at the church.  I am continuing to go through I corinthians.  I am reviewing what we went through about 2 years ago.  And this past week I went through I Cor. 7:10-24 on divorce.  The study went well, there was many questions about divorce and we will be continuing it this week.  I will finish the chapter and talk to singles this week.  Please pray for the discussion.

         The tennis ministry continues to go well.  We are meeting on Fridays at around 3:00pm till about 6:00pm.  This past week we were able to connect with two new students which we will hopefully see come to the campus crusade group during the week.

         Please be in prayer for us this week.  We have a c-section scheduled for next week thursday.  We are looking forward to the baby coming, but not looking forward to the recovery.  Please pray that all goes well and we will update the blog when the baby comes.

       This past weekend we were able to attend a conference with Tedd Trip and Margy Tripp.  They were teaching on there book "Shepherding a Childs heart".  The conference went well!  It was such a joy to meet this couple and see there example.  I would highly recommend this book to all parents!  Warren W. Wiersbe said, "The heart of every problem is the problem in the heart".  The heart of the problem with children is the problem in there heart.  It is not behavior that is the issue but there heart.  I included a picture of us with the Tripps.

      Thanks for checking this blog.  Please us know if you have any questions.


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

another quick update....

Hey friends,

        Well we come to another week, and another quick update.  As I mentioned in an earlier update, I will be posting usually every Wednesday.  I will try to keep them short so to make them easier to read.

        This past week has gone well.  I taught the family bible hour at the church this past sunday.  I am reviewing the sections of I corinthians that we covered about two years ago.  It has been going well.

        Last week I was able to teach at the Prime Time for Campus Crusade.  I taught on temptations that are common amongst students.  I taught it at Poly-tech last week and will teach the same message at UNAM(university of Namibia) on the 22nd.  Please be praying for me as I teach.

        The tennis ministry continues to go well.  Over the last few weeks I have been able to meet and get to know several students.  The aim of this is really to build relationships with the students so to invite them to other ministries on campus.  It's been great to sit down with several students and answer questions and give council where wanted.
        Julia and Grace are doing well.  We are looking forward to a conference this week help by Eastside Baptist church where the speaker is Tedd Tripp.  He wrote one of the best books I have read on parenting called "Shepherding a Child's Heart".  This has truly been a book that has challenged Julia and I on our parenting concepts.  Please pray that God would use this conference in our families.  That God would be glorified through our first priority to our kids...parenting!

        Julia is doing well with the pregnancy.  She is now just tired, and her feet are starting to swell, but she is doing good.  She is now 37 weeks along, so all is ready to go.  We have a c-section planned for the 24th, so 2 weeks to go.  Please pray that all goes smoothly from here.  Grace is doing well.  She is talking a lot more and is the cutest little girl I know....which adds to my challenge in parenting.:)

        Lastly, we just want to thank all those that have supported us this month!  We praise the Lord for his amazing provision and Grace.  We pray that God would continue to show His grace upon all of you.


Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Pictures of Ministry

Hi Friends,

        Well, we come to another wednesday.  Here are a number of pictures of some of the ministries we have been a part of.  Thank you all for your prayers!

 This was at one of the prime times with Capus Crusade for Christ.

 A Campus Social.....

 Preaching at UNAM agricultural campus.....

 Long picture of Easter Conference....The church was chairs ...people had to sit on mattresses.
 Easter Conference....
 and again....
 Books pastors received from the "Pastor's Book set" Conference....
Giving Hair bows from Maine..............