Tuesday, October 14, 2008

September Update

Dear Friends,

       Greetings from the beautiful land of Namibia.  Sorry we didn't have much to say for the month of August so this is going to be for two months August and September not much but still something to write.  It has been two good months.

The woodcarvers bible study continues to be a great part of each week.  We have finished going through the book of Romans and have now started I Corinthians.  So far it has been going well.  Things have been a little hard on those in the bible study because there has been so little business this year, but they continue to trust in God for all they need.  

The School bible study has been going ok.  This year the schools have decided to move up the dates on exams and add more afternoon classes and evening studies.  So this has then put a strain on the time to do the study.  We have switched from doing the study on mondays and wednsdays to just fridays since they do not have afternoon studies on fridays.  We have finished going through the discipleship booklets and will be next week starting to go through Acts.  We are really looking forward to starting this.  We will also by getting into a book of the bible having some of the older students take more leadership in the study.  We will probably have a student lead at least once a week to start out and then hopefully every week.  I am so humbled by the growth of these students.  Elmarie especially has really shown great leadership and spiritual maturity.  We praise God for all He has done with these students.  It's awesome!

The JG bible study has stopped for now due to the exams.  We will start back up next year.

Wedsday night service or bible study is going well.  We are still going through the firm foundations material with those that are coming.  After we get through this material we will be starting to go through a book of the Bible together.  

The Grace and the Glory Community Church is going well.  This is becoming my main focus.  I actually last week finished a sermon series on the church.  It was a great series, and there has been alot of really good feedback from it.  This past week I started on a new sermon series through the book of Acts.  I am looking forward to this series, that we will be studying what the early church looked like and the trials it faced.  It will be very practical for us.  Please pray that God would continue to lead, teach, and guide us through the early and sometimes hard times of this church plant.

  Coffee Bar is not going on anymore.  It seemed that each friday we would have one or no one come.  So we decided to stop the coffee bar, and are now looking at having a more focused youth group night.  This would be a night that will take more planning, but will be more focused on reaching the young people of our town.  Please pray for us as we continue to plan and put this together.  We are looking at some of the older school bible study students to be leaders for this.  We are excited, but are not sure yet when we can start.  We are hoping at the first of next month.

Well I think that is all for now.  This past month Julia and I have truly been humbled by the way that God has provided for us.  So with that we want to thank all our supporters.  This includes our monthly supporters and those that support us in prayer.  Thank you for coming along side us!  

God has provided us with a camera, so we will next month be posting some more pictures on our flickr site.  Thank you all for your patience with us during this time.  May God bless you with more of His grace.


       Serving Christ for His Glory,

                        Buddy and Julia Bahun