Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Happy Birthday to my husband. Already i would say it is a good one. Grace woke up at about 6AM and i put her in our bed and she went straight for her father's face with a kiss :). She heard me say Happy Birthday daddy....looked at his face and marbled a similar sound.....Happy Birthday daddy with a big smile on her face just like her daddy :).

Happy Birthday Buddy! You are a great husband and father. Grace and I are both so blessed to have you in our lives. You are a great example to me and many others in so many ways. Your walk with the Lord, your patients with people, how easy you forgive and move on, your honesty, your smile that goes along way and etc. Again happy birthday!

Here are some of my favourite memories of my husband. I love you!!! God bless you with many more birthdays :).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grace Ministerial Academy!!!

Introducing the official start of Grace Ministerial Academy. If you have been reading our updates for a while you may remember me mentioning this. Well, It has begun! This past week I had seminary classes at the church. This was our first module which is two full courses worth of lectures over the course of a week. There were two lectures from a seminary in Zambia. James Williamson (American) was teaching Legalism, Lawlessness and the Gospel of Grace. And Isaac Makashinyi (Zambian) was teaching Christian Ethics. Both courses were absolutely wonderful and very practical for us here. Over the course of the week we received 10 1hour-1.5hour lectures from Isaac, and 14 lectures from James. It was a packed schedule. We will now have the next three months to complete the assignments and read the required readings.

Now, why is Grace ministerial academy important? One because our aim is to train pastors. This is ministerial training! Many men here who may even be in ministry already have no opportunity to enter into any seminary or have not had good training. So in a sense we bring the seminary to them. These lecturers come in and give intense lectures for a week and then the students complete the assignments over the next three months allowing them to stay in there local churches or jobs. Our curriculum is not second rate either. It is equal or greater than that of most seminaries.

As I mentioned in our previous posts, I am not only attending the classes but also organizing them. This first module went well. We had 5 students including myself. Like i mentioned the two courses were wonderful. All of us really enjoyed them and are now busy working on reading the required books. We are hoping to even double our number of students by the next module in August.

A few things to pray for. Please pray that God would lead us in decisions for the academy. Also we are praying about the use of kindles for the academy. Being that books are so expensive and sometimes hard to find, the use of kindles may be the best option. If we do go this option we will need to raise money to subsidize the cost so the students could afford them. Please pray for wisdom because there really is not much money for this.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. I have included a few pictures of our week.


Ministry update

Well hello friends,

We hope and pray that everyone is doing well. It has been awhile since I have written a ministry update. So hopefully this will not be to long.

First, This past week we had our first module of Seminary courses. I will not say much here because I will post another post just for this. But the week went well and we all feel like we have a good vision for this College. More soon.

Firm Foundation Study:

This continues to go well. Each week it is exciting to see how the students are enjoying it. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but this study is really a course on biblical theology. It teaches from the beginning of the bible to Jesus, showing how the bible is truly one book with one author. I will share with you a brief story of one class. One of the lessons we go through is about the fall of Lucifer and the Spirit beings. This is a very great lesson. When we came to the the end and I explained about God's righteous judgement on Lucifer, one student wanted to ask a question. He asked, "Why didn't God give Lucifer a second chance like He gave us?" I responded that God didn't even give us a second chance...He sent a Saviour!! Our sin separates us from God, and there is nothing we could do or would do to bring us back together. See, if we think of our salvation as a second chance then we are saying that it was in our control with our first chance. It's not like we were perfect and we messed up so God said, "ok...well, try again!". No!! We are born sinners because we are all in the image of our father Adam. But God by His grace sent His only Son Jesus to take the penalty of our sins so we can be born again. We never had a first chance. But we do have one Saviour commanding all men everywhere to believe. It was a good week! Please continue to pray that God teaches and builds up those in this study.

House to House Group:

This group continues to go well, and be a wonderful part of our week. We have been going through the book of Ephesians. Two weeks ago we started on Eph. 5:22-24. This sparked many questions. So we will be discussing it tonight as well, and maybe get into husbands. We have been meeting at Meme Linea's house and will move to Tate Emmanual's next week. Again, we move to a different house after a month. Please pray for our conversations in these next few weeks about marriage and family. This is one of the most needed topics and difficulties here. Pray that God reveals truth to all our hearts.

Sunday Morning Worship:

Sunday services have been going well. I had continued to go through the book of Acts, and Laban is doing a teaching series on shepherds. I will be taking a break from for a bit to do a series on "what is a healthy church member". This should be a wonderful series and very practical for us. Please be in prayer for me in this series. I personally prefer to go through books of the bible but every once in a while it is applicable to do some topical sermons.

Student Ministry:

This week I will be going to One of the main Universities here in Namibia. We are desiring to start ministering at these campuses reaching out to the college students. Please be praying that God would lead us and give us opportunities to speak with many students about Christ.

Well, I think that is it for now. I will be writing a little later about Grace Ministerial Academy. And I will post some pictures. Until later.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Saturday April 2nd, the youth from the church come to visit us. It was great having them at our house. There was 8 girls and 6 guys. We tried to make the most of our time together. Buddy's birthday is on the 22nd of this month so we baked a chocolate cake together to celebrate his birthday and made popcorn. Its was so much fun.....some of the girls this was their first time baking a cake and making popcorn and they did great! We played some games WII, BOP IT and enjoyed each others company.



Its has been raining non-stop in Namibia since the beginning of the year. Most places in the Northern part of the country are flooded. Some Schools, hospitals, shops, plants (food) are dying from too much water, etc, has been closed down as a result. There are area where people are having to cross water to go anyway and because of how high the water is, lives has been lost. Please pray for those affected by this. Pray that the Lord protects them. Thank you all for praying!