Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family update!

On March 10th-14th, we went to swakopmund for a family break/vacation. It was a great time of rest and spending time as a family and visiting with sister churches. We stayed at Pastor Franscois and his lovely family. Pastor Franscois is the pastor of Swakopmund Baptist Church. On Friday we visited with Pastor Callie Rossouw and his family. And on Saturday visit with Marinus de Bruijne and his family. Pastor Callie is the pastor of Walvis Bay Baptist Church and Marinus is his intern pastor. It was great visiting with everyone and their families. It was great to see God honoring families and children obeying their parents, such a great example and reminder for us as family and with the way we raise Grace.

We very much enjoyed our time at the coast so much. It was refreshing to spend time together, to refocus ourselves to God and to one another. To remember and revisit our favorite places. Showing Grace around was so much fun :). I know she can't really understand alot yet but it was still fun to go around with her. I have been keeping a journal for her and i look forward to giving it to her one day when she is old enough to understand and appreciate it.

In our personally studies (together) we have been going through two things....watching the peasant princess on Song of Solomon -by Mark Driscoll (DONE) and reading Shepherding a Child's Heart -by Tedd Tripp. Both very good materials and we have/are enjoying them. If you have not read Shepherding a Child's Heart -by Tedd Tripp it's definitely a book worth reading.

A special thank supporters (Financial and prayers). Thank you for partnering with us in the work here. And thank you to the person who supported this trip.

Footprints...where we stayed for our honeymoon almost 4 years ago :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Update (Woodcarvers)

Tiago's shop
The market
The market
Carina's son. Geovani
Julia cuddling with Geovani

A few weeks ago we went to Okahandja to visit the woodcarver. Things are looking alot better. Innocentia and Tiago already have their shops up. Sarafina and Sylvia are working on getting their shops up. Sylvia is taking care of Carina's baby and was waiting for the baby to turn 3 months old before she takes him out to the market....he turned 3 months on March 1st. He was born December 1st, 2010 and he looks so a lot like Carina. Carina is back to school this is her 3rd year. Thanks again for helping the woodcarvers.