Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Dear friends,

 Well it has been a very long time since we have written on here. Please forgive us for this. In a attempt to write on this more frequently I will try to post something new every Wednesday. I will just give a brief update now and will try to post some pictures a bit later. I realized that as I am sitting here in a cafe using free internet that I hadn't uploaded pictures from our camera. So please check back later or tomorrow to see some pictures.

  Brief Ministry Update:

I will keep this very brief…sort of bullet like. Since I have been back things have gotten pretty busy. I have had many opportunities to preach at three of the college campuses along side campus crusade for Christ. About a month ago I was able to preach on a sunday morning at a college outside windhoek. The students don't go anywhere so there is great opportunity there. I do hope to see more opportunities to go back and preach. The church is going well. As I was coming back here as member of the church(not a pastor) I have had the opportunity to serve in that capacity. I am basically taking every opportunity I can to serve and encourage the church. I have had many of the members come to me for council which is a big deal. I have led some bible studies and will preach in the next few weeks. I am taking it easy at the church so to show a good example to the members by being a member. I have also at UNAM(university of Namibia) started a tennis ministry where I am able to build relationships with some of the students. I have already been able to begin building some good relationships. All in all I am finding myself very busy with study, travel, and preaching and teaching. Julia is doing better now. We are expecting our second born here next month, so we would appreciate your prayers for that.

 During the Easter weekend we held a Easter Conference at Monte Christo. It was attended by many people from churches all over the country who were a part of the EBM(evangelical Baptist Mission). Also, last week I was able to attend a conference called "the pastors book set". Those that attended received 10 very useful books. The goal was to help equip pastors and ministry workers with solid resources to help in ministry. I will add a picture of the books later. Please pray for this ministry. Books are very expensive here and most are not able to afford them. This ministry allows the equipping of many pastors around the country. More later....