Friday, June 12, 2009

At home!

  Today I had a knock on our door.  It was Daniel the man who cleans our yard came over to our house today.  I went to the door and we greeted each other like we usually do.  He then turned to me and asked me to pray for him so he could get more power(as he flexed his muscles).  I asked...What?  He said he wanted me to pray for the Holy Spirit so he could get more power.  I quickly corrected him that the Holy Spirit is not a power that he needs more of, but He is God.  I then went on to explain that what he really needed was Jesus.  So I asked him if he had some time to talk.  He said yes, so I went back in the house and got my bible.  I then sat down and took him through Genesis 1-3 explaining God’s(Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) act of creation, and mans sin.  I explained to him that because of sin we have all been separated from God.  And that through Adam and Eve’s sin we all have sinned(Rom 3:23).  We discussed many other area’s of scripture as well.  I explained to him that because of our sin we are in need of God’s grace through Jesus.  I explained that salvation is excepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour, that salvation changes our outward actions.  So then I went into what the Holy Spirit has to do with Salvation.  That He takes our heart of stone and changes it to a heart of flesh.(Ezekiel 11:19)  After going through many more passages, I asked him if he had any questions.  He paused for a moment and then turned to me and asked,”well then how do I accept Jesus?”  I turned to Luke 18:9-14.  I spoke to him about Humility and realizing he was a sinner.  I told him that was the first step.  Then I went on to tell him of what it means to accept Jesus as his Saviour and Lord.  He said he understood and was thankful.   I explained how I could not make him saved.  He needed to pray himself and ask Jesus to forgive him and to be Lord of his life.  I also shared with him the importance of sincere prayer.  That although we only see the outward, God ,who really matters, sees the heart(I Sam. 16:7).  After that he prayed, and I prayed as well for him.  He thanked me and I encouraged him to read Matthew-Romans.  I had read alot from Romans when we were talking so he was eager to read the whole book.  I told him that he needs to get to know his Lord.  I read him Rom. 10:17, that it is through the Word that his faith is strengthened and even comes from.  He agreed to meet with me again when we come back.  I look forward to sitting with him and reading the word with him again.  Please pray that his decision to fallow Jesus would be genuine and that he would be continually watered by the Word.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hello Everyone,

   We now have what we would like to call our family blog.  This will be our ministry blog and we will try all we can to keep this ones up to date can't promise to blog everyday but when we do have something to write we'll do so...we will continue to send out our newsletters as well.

We'll be in ohio as from June 16th till August 19...Hopefully we can get to see you all during our visit.  If anyone wants to see us please feel free to contact us via e-mail or whatever way you can.